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Youth Wellness & Yoga

Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet

Our goal is to help find the dancer within. We offer training for those aiming for a professional dance career or those enjoying dance as a recreation.  Through dance, our goal is to instill a sense of self-confidence and to build self-esteem by developing poise and coordination, rhythm, flexibility, and general body toning.


Boys & Girls Club (Southern Maryland)

 Holistic health coaching is an enabling skill guiding the project GRATITUDE process. This approach considers many aspect of daily living, including the bio-individuality of each person.


Prime Time Children's Center

Our Let’s Investigate YOGA classes combine both the physical and Social-Emotional Learning goals into hourly segments designed for classroom environments. Through yogic mind-body practices we help the children explore an inward journey of self-appreciation, allowing a tuning into the strengths that will enable even more successful relationships.