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Let's Investigate Yoga

Our Let’s Investigate YOGA classes combine both the physical and SEL goals into hourly segments designed for classroom environments. Through yogic mind-body practices we help the children explore an inward journey of self-appreciation, allowing a tuning into the strengths which will enable even more successful relationships. Successful relationships are a key to living well.

Most KIDS YOGA in the US today focus on yoga as an extension of physical fitness, and this is important. Yoga improves flexibility and compliments strength and endurance training. Yet, there are untapped advantages to a YOGA practice which can mentor resilience in young children. Here resilience is regarded as mental toughness, and improved emotional responses, to recover quickly from seemingly difficult situations. Beyond physical agility, we can learn to control and redirect emotional states very early in life. This is the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) advantage of Yoga; and, SEL is the goal of Yoga @ Prime Time.



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