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One World, One Yoga

There are many styles of YOGA. We are positive there is at least one (or more) that is right for where you are today. One purpose with this event is to acquaint Southern Maryland with our many talented teachers. Each teacher brings something brilliant to the complexity that is YOGA. One value in the teaching community is we refrain from instructing something we ourselves have not practiced. As life teaches through experience, we teach from self-expressed interpretations and of our yoga practice. This creates and maintains our authenticity. As there are many forms of yoga, yoga teachers have different levels of mastery and, yoga as an industry is maturing. One good idea is to become familiar with certification standards. We invite you to examine Yoga Alliance.

2017 Event Dates Coming Soon!! (Save the date May 13th 2017)


Wetlands Overlook Park

4020 11th St, North Beach, MD 20714