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Gratitude is a heartfelt appreciation for the good fortunes we enjoy. Through project GRATITUDE young people are coached to realize that our everyday actions, experiences and relationships contribute to cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

project GRATITUDE is a focused endeavor within the Youth Wellness & Yoga (YWY) program. This effort goes beyond the teaching of individual yoga classes for physical fitness. YWY was created to assist in developing the Whole Child, and considers the surrounding environment. Holistic health coaching is an enabling skill guiding the project GRATITUDE process. This approach considers many aspect of daily living, including the bio-individuality of each person.

Phase 1


During Mentor Protégé, youth of middle and high school ages are paired with a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher to establish the following principles in daily living:

  • Practicing peace and moderation
  • Being honest, generous, clean (self-care), content and hard working
  • Believing in something bigger (community and the environment)
  • Having alone time
Phase 2
Phase 3

Project Goals

  • Improve concentration and imagination with basic focusing exercises
  • Nurture communication, empathy, trust and teamwork skills
  • Regulate emotional and physical responses to stressful situations
  • Promote gentleness, gratitude and thinking kind thoughts
  • Encourage youth leadership in handling challenging situations


Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maryland

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