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Solarium Studio’s purpose is to elevate wellness knowledge and perspectives. With greater mind-body awareness, through breath-work, meditation and movement, as well as mindfulness practices, there is greater access and clarity for having Your Life, Your Way.


Elizabeth N. Lawton is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Yoga Practitioner and Author. She is the founder & chief executive at Solarium Instituteabout page 2, a not-for-profit organization. Like many practitioners, Elizabeth is trained in a variety of wellness modalities, and her great passion is appreciating the body’s ability to heal through the power of the mind. In 1993 Elizabeth began studying meditation, and in 1997 she initiated a yoga Asana (postures and movement) practice.   Her teacher training began with an intensive Radiantly Alive Yoga program, and continues with Charm City Yoga. For her, Solarium Studio’s purpose is a multi-modal wellness approach in helping other people realize happiness by aligning thoughts, words and actions for manifesting higher expressions in living healthier.


Qualifications are important. Training and education, experience and credentials are essential in our business. Not only must practitioners be up-to-date in their field of study, they must practice what they preach. We hold disciplined requirements for certifications that you may practice with confidence.


Classes, workshops, small group and private sessions are offered at multiple locations. Each facility has amenities and features supporting the learning environment. We continually grow our partnerships to ensure there are convenient locations to access fulfilling wellness goals.



Mind-body wellness results from having balanced and stable physiological processes. This is homeostasis, or better known as the body’s ability to heal itself. The air we breathe, the foods we eat and the thoughts we think affects homeostasis. The environment and our actions are other important considerations leading to sustainable practices for realizing good health. In our momentary choices we have the ability to enable and support those more positive affirmations of well-being.